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The capital city of Mauritania is Nouakchott and other major towns and cities include Nouadhibou, Kaedi, Rosso, Zouerat, Adel Bagrou, Kiffa, Atar, Boutilimit, Gouraye, Selibaby, Tintane, Nema, Aleg and Tidjikja

The economy of Mauritania is based principally on agriculture; along with industry. Agricultural produce farmed in Mauritania for domestic and export purposes includes: cattle, sheep, goats, fish, various vegetables, pulses, dates, rice, sorghum, cassava, and yams.

Major mineral and resource deposits in Mauritania include: iron-ore and copper. The main Mauritanian industries include: copper, iron-ore, rubber, sugar, fish, flour, textile, and gypsum plants, and crude oil refinery.

Mauritania’s principal exports are: fish, copper, and iron-ore.

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The Islamic Republic of Mauritania gained independence from France in 1960. It occupies a total landmass of 1,030,800 square kilometres.

Senegal and Mali border Mauritania to the south, Algeria and Western Sahara to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Mauritanian climate is tropical, with an average temperature of 860F or 300C.

The terrain of Mauritania contains: plains, rivers, oasis, Saharan sands, low lands, and forests which contain; lynx, ostrich, gazelle, antelope, elephant, lions, acacia trees, and palms.

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